This document applies to all NFTs Minted by Andrew Jalowayski unless a specific agreement has been made.  The terms of this agreement may be subject to change with notice to the Token Holder. 

By Purchasing an NFT of the Work of Andrew Jalowayski, referred to herein as "The Artist," you acknowledge the following. 
- NFT Ownership does not equal ownership of the Intellectual Property. 
- The original work may be remixed by The Artist and remitted in an altered state. 
- The Artist acknowledges the value of rarity and will not seek to publish or promote any work minted as an NFT once it has sold.  This, however, does not guarantee a licensing and/or publication deal will not be made unless otherwise guaranteed. 
- The NFT owner has the right to display digital, physical print and reproduce for personal and public viewing.  Commercial use of the NFT work without written permission from The Artist is strictly prohibited. 

Unique Links for Unlockable content: are subject to change.  All unique links provided are URL redirects, this enables the Artist to update and maintain a resources availability to you if the location, file path or core service stops operating.  UL's may also be redirected to new media, media included may be discontinued at the discretion of the artist 
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