NorthWorks Restaurant closed for service on June 27, 2021.  It was a pleasure to work with Anne for three and a half years. 
I started at NorthWorks as a dishwasher in January of 2018 and before I knew it I had redesigned the website and established a fresh brand image, as well launched an integrated ordering system.  

I also took on information systems upgrades. Major projects included:
- Installation of a Ubiquiti wireless network with an EdgeRouter X as the new router and firewall.
 - Transitioning the PBX system from a 4 line POTS system to a 6 line VoIP system under strict budget constraints repurposing existing hardware.
In addition to managing these projects, assembling plans, creating budget proposals, sourcing vendors and materials I also executed on most if not all tasks.
The logo and color theme were established prior to my entry to the organization along with many other trademarks.
The domain for the restaurant was retired.  
You can still view the site design here
You can also get an idea of the branding upgrade this brought from the previous site on
*This project was originally taken on under my former ShoeBox Design Labs brand.
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