The basic philosophy of this project or insinuative is "work that matters" and "no easy shots,"  this is a challenge to myself and those who I collaborate with to create deeply meaningful, bold and relevant projects. 

June 2017 – The beginning of waking up at 3:30 am to catch the sunrise and get views few people ever see.

July 2017 –  Photoshoot in Jamestown with Jack DeJordy and Ben Boyarsky, we wanted to do a shoot with steal wool and we wanted to tell a story.

August 2017 –  One of the first test shots using mirrors and haze.

December 2017 –  A continuation of the first shots with a beach ball

February 2017 – A piece I can not quite explain but is deeply meaning full and was taken at 3:30 am in a Silverado on 95 North with Mike Wasylyk, Greg and Abby.

March 2018 – {The Final Spark} This image, created while brainstorming ideas for a philosophy project, in conjecture with said project and a recent major life experience, was the push I needed to begin this inquisitive endeavor. 

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